High Concept
In the far-flung distant future, humans have started showing up on some doorsteps uninvited, and that's just plain rude. It's up to you stop them. Using your new comet bouncing super alien magic technology, embark on a mission to destroy forty planets so that humans will never rise again! Maybe then you can move on to more worthy opponents! Good luck, Commander! A reboot of the classic arcade game Brick Break. Developed by Betwixt Games using Unity. The full version and lite (free) version were released for Andriod, iOS, and PC in 2014.

My Roles
All of the art assets (Textures, HUD, Menus), characters and animations

This game was created in 3 weeks by two people. Yes, just my coworker (who did all of the level design and coding) and I. That in itself is something that I think both of us can be extremely proud of. We set out to make our first published game within one month, and we did it. I learned about a lot of the pitfalls and successes that come naturally with game development; it was an unforgettable and valuable experience.
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