Elite Success Systems is a company that provides coaching and training to help others achieve success in their lives. They were looking for a modern refresh of their website, so I started by learning more about the company and their goals.
Project Overview
The Brief: 
To design a new website homepage for Elite Success Systems.

Key Tools and Deliverables:
• Used Adobe Photoshop to create webpage mockups and assets.
What I Did:
As the UI designer on the project, I:
• Discussed the project goals, messaging, and design options with the client.
• Performed an assessment of the current site.
• Received, organized, and selected photography and logo assets from the client.
• Reviewed and provided different typography options.
• Created digital mockups of the homepage. Reviewed and refined them with the client.
Homepage Mockups
Version 1
Version 1
Version 2
Version 2
Final Version
Final Version
After perusing their current website and some conversation with the client, I had a better idea of the message they wanted to send to their site visitors. They wanted visitors to feel warm and at home, yet invigorated while using the site. Vibrant colors were a must, along with large imagery of wide smiles that would serve as their own kind of testimonials.
"Less is more" was definitely the theme of this project. With each revision, the client and I strove to go even more minimalistic and clean. What started as a very dense, intricate design transformed into something much lighter and more visually appealing. In the final design, I decided to simplify every line and pull in some of the subtle brush textures in the "SS" logo for the section backgrounds. I also rounded the hard edges in each shape to soften the feel of the design. By the end of the project, I felt like we had achieved a great balance of warm and invigorating.
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