High Concept
Max Impulse is a 3D, anti-gravity racing game set in the year 2117. After the utter destruction brought on by an alien race known as the Yu during the first Intergalactic War, all species of the galaxy found bitter distraction in the high-intensity sport known as "Max Impulse." With a diverse selection of characters and vehicles on some of the craziest tracks you can imagine, this is literally the future of racing!

Max Impulse's design focuses on two major components: anti-gravity, which allows us more freedom in terms of vehicle and track design and less physical limitations, and engaging character personalities. We wanted to create a racer with an interesting story, where the characters personalities and intrigues helped shape the plot. ​The game has four characters: Elsa the Deqa, Xolo the mutant human, Ar'ge the Ernetic, and Livali the Yu, and 4 tracks: Heaven's Gauntlet, Devil's Tongue, Shattered Moon, and Obsidian Palace, all set on different futuristic planets. After two years of development at Ohio University, the game has been put on hold because of the majority of our group's separation after graduation, but due to its overwhelmingly positive reception from the team members and play-testers, it will definitely be revisited in the future with better resources at our disposal. Developed by Betwixt Games at Ohio University with a team size of 5-10 people using the Unity 3D engine. 
My Roles
Texture Artist, GUI Artist, Vehicle and Track Modeler
- Character / Level Select / LOUNGE -
- HUD -
- Heaven's Gauntlet -
A wild ride through a city in the sky on the gas giant Olympus.
The lightning streaks seen inside the glass of the track texture were animated and bounced back and forth throughout the level.

- Devil's Tongue -
A fiery climb up an active volcano on the planet Pyre.
The lava streams rampant in Devil's Tongue flow all throughout the level. I set the directions of this flow through RBG texture maps that used the color information as indication of direction. It even flowed through all of the pipes in the track pieces. The reflectors and lights on the track texture increased the illusion of speed for the player as they flicked by underneath the vehicle during a race.

- Shattered Moon -
Ever wanted to drive on an asteroid? Well, now you can!
The asteroids and broken ship parts in Shattered Moon serve not just as set pieces, but also the actual track. These slowly rotate while you drive.
- Obsidian Palace -
An adventure through an ancient Deqa palace carved entirely of obsidian.

- Blade Edge -

- Sharkbait -
- Butterfly Effect -

- Background Vehicles -
- Elsa the Deqa -
Texture Update - Old (Left) vs. New (Right)
- Ar'ge the Ernetic -
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