The Mastery of Ukiyo-e
The Mastery of Ukiyo-e Kakejiku Hanging Scroll
Traditional Japanese Kakejiku (Hanging Scroll)
An adventurous illustration that began with hours of scouring giant tomes filled with beautiful Ukiyo-e, or Japanese woodblock prints at the library. The more I studied the gorgeous prints, the more I realized how much the style was begging to be reborn in a modern, digital illustration. What started out as a neat idea quickly grew into a project filled with deep research, delicate stroking techniques and hours of endless serenity. I will definitely revisit digital Ukiyo-e in the future, what a joy this was to make!
The Mastery of Ukiyo-e Highlights
The kanji at the top reads "Utter Perfection," a tribute to the Ukiyo-e masters of old who would, through painstaking detail work, spend years to create just one flawless print.
The Mastery of Ukiyo-e Process
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