Hi there, I'm Emily Zink, a UX/UI Designer. 
I take pride in:
Embracing the new to deliver a fresh perspective built upon strong design principles.
Providing a keen eye of quality and elegance.
Bridging the gap between design and implementation.
Words that describe me:
Dependable, adaptable, and curious.
For me, good design starts and ends with the user. It's about taking the time to get to know them and their goals in context. I also believe that the end of the design process is just as important as the beginning. During handoff, I take an active role in working through interactions and optimizing assets with developers. I make a point to strive for excellence together rather than an unrealistic level of perfection alone.
Staying current and learning from others is key to my process improvement, so I take design trainings and attend conferences regularly. My latest studies are focused on applying accessibility and gamification to my work. Whenever I'm not working on my craft, I go out to find inspiration in nature, people, and architecture, usually through hiking or traveling. Or I might just stay in with a good video game and a cup of tea. 
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